My Day In Concord CA

My visit to Concord, California started with an early morning golf session at the beautiful Diablo Creek Golf Course. It being the middle of springtime, I got to witness the beautiful colors of the leaves on the elegant and clean golf course. The crystal clear ponds and wild turkeys made it a peaceful morning that I always look back on.

Next I picked up my wife and kid to head over to the rumored Pixieland Kid’s Amusement Park. My son was too young to ride the larger toddler rollercoasters, but he thoroughly enjoyed the slow train ride and the merry-go-round. The castle-themed area has trees with bright green leaves and grass with perfectly smooth white sidewalks, giving it a perfect child’s castle feel.

Finally was our visit to the Concord Community Park. Filled with kid’s playgrounds, basketball courts, and a community pool; we ended up staying longer than expected! We started with a walk off in the woods in the recently mowed grass as my kid fell asleep in my arms to the chirping birds. We relaxed on a picnic table until he finally woke up and we played in an epic playground once again built like a castle. My child played until we had to finally leave or else we’d end up not making it home, but we all can’t wait to return. Contact us today for a pest control service.



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